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Is there an age limit as to who can use your castles ?

Yes, there is an age limit which varies depending on the size of the unit hired.

Can adults use your castles?

Yes providing they are rated for adult use eg: 15 x 15/18 x 18 etc

Is it safe for my toddler to use your castles ?

Yes, for a toddler we would recommend hiring our smaller enclosed unit (8 X 8FT OR 10 X 10FT), which can be used just as a safe bouncer for toddlers or at an extra charge we can provide clean coloured balls to create an inflatable ball pond. All of our bouncers are safe providing children are supervised during play.

Can we hire your castles for more than one day.... if a weekend ?

Subject to availability, and providing you have safe and secure storage for the castles overnight, we will allow you to keep the castles for a specified period at our discretion.(PLEASE NOTE AN OVER NIGHT CHARGE WILL APPLY).

Do you require a deposit ?

No we do not ask for a deposit, but we do require payment BEFORE setup on the day of hire. (YOU CAN SEND A CHQ WITH YOUR RETURNED SIGNED CONTRACT OR PAY CASH ON THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT, ON DELIVERY OF YOUR HIRED EQUIPMENT.)

What if the bouncy castle gets damaged during the time of hire ?

It is very unlikely that damage will occur during normal use of the bouncy castle, if the castle is maliciously damaged or unnecessarily dirtied during hire, the hirer will be responsible for costs incurred. (PLEASE CHECK TERMS AND CONDITIONS LINK ON HOME PAGE FOR FULL INFO.)

What methods of payment do you accept ?

We accept cash on the day on arrival of the hired equipment or cheque in advance with the returned signed contract (7 days in advance if possible).

How long does it take to set up the castle and pack away ?

It takes approx 15 minutes to set up the castle and 1 minute to inflate it, and approx 20 minutes to deflate and pack away.

How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle ?

It is not very expensive at all, it will cost between 50p and £1 of electricity to run a castle for a day.

Can I still hire a bouncy castle if i do not have an electricity supply near to where i want to place the castle ?

Yes, we have extension leads which we will supply, or if there is not an electrical supply close by, we can provide you with a petrol blower, filled with petrol for an extra charge.

Are your castles clean ?

Yes, we maintain our castles to a very high standard, they are cleaned after every hire, and our ball pond balls are washed regularly.

On what surfaces can the bouncy castles be erected upon ?

Our castles can be used inside on any flooring. Outside, level, debris free grass is best.

How much space is needed to erect a bouncy castle ?

It depends on the size of the castle, for example if you hired our 12x12 you would need 12x12 for the castle plus approx 2 foot all the way around for pegging to the ground and the inflater fan, and plenty of space for the entrance to the castle. You will need space approx 8 foot high also.

How do I know that I am hiring from a reputable company ?

you should check to see if they belong to any trade associations, jump around are members of the British Inflatable Hirers Association (BIHA). You can visit their site at† jump around are insured, and can provide documentation if needed (terms and conditions apply) and please note that you the hirer can only use our insurance if a member of our staff is manning the equipment at your event/party at a cost of £20 pp ph.

Can your castles be used indoors ?

Yes, providing the ceiling is high enough, approx 8 foot.

How are the bouncy castles operated ?

The castles are continuously inflated by an electric or petrol fan which is positioned at the rear of the castle.

Can I rely on you to deliver ?

Most certainly. Once you have booking confirmation (INVOICE AND CONTRACT WILL BE SENT OUT PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT) you can guarantee that we will be there. In the very unlikely event that we cannot deliver your castle, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Do I need to keep the fan plugged in all day ?

While the bouncy castle is in use the fan must be plugged in. If you wish to deflate it for any reason just pull the plug out. It can be inflated again simply by putting the plug back in. (DO NOT DEFLATE WHILST ANY BODY IS ON THE EQUIPMENT)

Do you provide safety mats ?

Yes, we always provide safety mats.

Are bouncy castles safe ?

Yes, our bouncy castles are made to all British Standards and are safety tested. We also provide safety mats for entrances and exits to the castles. Children must be supervised at all times on a bouncy castle

What happens if it rains on the hire day?

†MOST of our castles (except for the slideS ETC) come with a sewn in or detachable shower cover (FOR USE IN LIGHT RAIN SHOWERS). The bouncy castle is not to be used if it gets too wet as it can be very dangerous.†

What happens on the day ?

We will deliver the castle to your venue at the time agreed with yourself. We will then inflate the castle and show you how to operate it safely. We will ask you to read the safety instructions and sign a copy. You have the best party ever ! We come and pick it up at the agreed time. 

How many children can go on a castle at one time ?

12x12 = 8max.†
18x18 = 14max.†
15 x 15 = 12max.†
10x10 = 6max.†
Assault Course = 2max.†
Slide = 2max.†

these are approximations depending age and size.

What do you need from us?

Please make sure we have plenty of access room, we need at least a 3 foot wide hall or passageway to move the bouncy castle into your venue. Please ensure that the site for the bouncy castle is clear. It must be clear of sharp objects such as rocks, any debris and large stones. If we feel that the site is unsuitable we will not leave the bouncy castle. 

When can we hire a Castle?

Our bouncy castles are available for hire every day of the year. We can get very busy, particularly in the summer, so it is advisable to book early.†

Can we collect the bouncy castle?†

No, our insurance cover does not allow for you to collect OR erect any of our inflatable's

What about insurance?

Yes we are insured.† However unless we are supervising the inflatable(£20ppph), the insurance does not provide you with any cover for injuries caused or for any damage caused to our inflatable's† This is standard with all hire companies.

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