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Zippy Dipper
Single track roller coaster style ride. Requires working area of 70' x 20'. Available on a self run or operated basis. Suitable for children under 10 years old. This equipment needs at lest 2 people to operate it either by you yourself the hirer or by us jump around at an additional cost of £20 ppph.
Non Inflatable Pole Joust
Straight from the days of Camelot, the Pole Joust always offers explosive entertainment. The idea is to do your best to knock your opponent off the pole and onto the crash mat below. Armed with a padded batten, who will prove to be the one to stay on the longest?
Table Football
Table football is known under many names such as 'bar football', 'foosball', 'baby foot' to name a few, but essentially it is the same thing. The name describes the game of trying to score a goal against your opponent on a table- sized football pitch.

The table has a full-size glass pitch enabling fast & furious games. Each table comes complete with safety telescopic poles & scratch resistant legs as standard.

Height = 90cm
Width = 112cm
Length = 150cm
Weight = 55kg
Sumo Wrestling
We have these fantastic, and very popular, sumo wrestling suits available in both child and adult sizes so the whole family can take part if required.

The foam packed Super Sumo Suits will make you the size of a huge clumsy Japanese wrestler. Head protectors, in the style of the traditional Sumo hair cuts are compulsory.

The official object of the sumo wrestling game is to either push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the coloured circle on the thick padded, mat, or force them onto their back.
Football Pitch
You know those ads where the likes of Ronaldinho and Henry get to show off their fancy footwork whilst battling it out within the confines of a small playing area? Well now you can do the same thing with your mates via the brilliant Inflatable Soccer Pitch.

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