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Bouncy Boxing
Put two people in a bouncy boxing ring. why do they call it a "ring" when it's a square....? give them HUGE boxing gloves, and what do you get? A HUGE laugh, that's what! They can hardly stand up, never mind hit each other! An old favourite, but still a big HIT with adults and children.
Cash Grabber
The "Grab A Grand" unit we have is quite a novel idea. Firstly we put the person into the unit, add some special fun money, activate the fan with the aim of the person to collect as much money as possible in the allocated time. This could be used in various situations i.e. competitions etc. The height is 10 feet, width 4.5 feet and the depth 6 feet and is suitable for all age groups.
This fun game can be adapted for any scoring system. The scoring pockets can have any image behind it, a Teacher, Manager or competitor. Now its time for you to decide !
Gladiator Joust
Clobber your opponent off their perch.
Football Shootout
Football Shoot Out ... Inflatable sideshow. Compete against the targets or install your own goalkeeper to make it even harder. Can be used indoors or outside for fun or as a 'charge' unit with prizes. See how fast you can kick a football, test the speed of your shot, simply kick the ball supplied into the inflatable cage and the full sports radar speed trap will measure the speed the ball is travelling and display it on the large built in illuminated LED display. Supplied with lightweight footballs. Can be used both indoors and out (subject to height and size requirements) Operational space required 10ft x 20ft.
Bungee Run
This proven money-maker is an all-time favourite with kids and adults. Contestants race side by side down this two lane inflatable raceway while harnessed to bungee cords. The object is to place a sticky baton as far down the lane as possible before being yanked and blasted backwards by the bungee cord. This game is a barrel of laughs and a real crowd pleaser. A must have for your rental inventory. Bungee Run includes 2 bungee cords, 2 carabineer clips, 2 backing plate, 2 vests, 2 velcro batons, 1 blower, game bag, and stakes. A Bungee Run is terrific fun for all ages at all kinds of events. Competitive or just for laughs this is great fun for both spectators and participants. How far can you carry the baton whilst being restrained by the bungee cord ... one slip and your on your way baaaaaack!. For extra fun add water and foam. useable indoors or outside
Bar Fly
Inflatable Velcro Wall for hire. Put on your velcro covered suit, run, jump, spring, and try and stick yourself as high up the velcro covered inflatable wall as you can - upside down if you like!
The barfly velcro wall is absolute madness and huge fun for both the participants and the large crowd of spectators it always attracts. The Barfly Velcro Wall is our proprietors favourite item!
A range of velcro suit sizes are available covering all sizes from child to large adult so all can participate.
The classic game just got better, 12ft x 12ft inflatable twister, have fun tying you friends up in knots.
Recommended for 5 years and up to adult.

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