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Giant version of the popular game Battleships. Standing 1.3metres tall, this fantastic game is suitable for players of all ages from 4 years and over, ideal for use indoors and outdoors.
Weather proof pieces sized from 43cm to 64cm with base diameter of 24cm. Each piece splits into two sections so they can be filled with sand or water to weight them down. **Boards - vinyl or mesh tile - sold separately**An economical 3metre square vinyl chess board for use with the Super Giant Chess pieces. Quick to lay and rolls up in seconds for easy storage.
Connect 4
Strategy, skill, and of course luck combine in this giant version of this well known game.
Giant four in a row game stands 1.1m tall and is made from hard-wearing plastic with brightly coloured playing counters.
Milk the Cow
our Milk The Cow Comes Complete with Milking Pail and Stool these really are top notch fun. Just look at that face and big cow eyes....make sure that you warm your hands too. Players take it in turns to 'milk' the Cow against the clock, hilarious fun and great, great fun, an absolute winner wherever it goes.
Giant Dominoes
Giant Wooden Domino set complete with wooden carry case.
Use indoors or outdoors.
Each Domino is 13.5cm x 7cm x 2cm thick
Giant Draughts
Draughts is a fun game for all the family. Giant draughts is a great hot weather game and a cool garden novelty. The actual pieces are made of a high quality and are weatherproof.
Hand Buzzer
Our giant 'Buzzer' game is ideal entertainment for all ages, at both indoor and outdoor events including Corporate & Promotional Events, Competition, & Team Building Events, as well as Family Fun Days. The giant steel hand measures 30" high (770mm) and the aim of the game is, using the looped wand very carefully move around the hand from one side to the other, without touching the hand. click on the following link to see more info on this item.
Space Hoppers
Remember the kids toy from the 70s? Well weve brought it back and this time for adults! This set includes 3 hoppers: the red Daredevil, green Psycho and yellow Hotshot hoppers so you can take on your rivals. Set also includes foot pump and starting whistle.
Horse Shoe Game
The Outdoor Rubber Horseshoe Set is great for the whole family. Great for play on the beach or in your own backyard. Includes four 9 oz. rubber horseshoes and two 16 inch stakes.
Giant Jenga
Starts at 3ft 6ins and builds upwards to approx 5ft during play.
The 58 solid pine wood blocks are sourced from renewable Scandinavian forests. Each block measures 28.5 x 7 x 4.5cm.
Overall weight of game 27kg.
Giant Kerplunk
Snakes and Ladders
This giant version of the traditional board game puts the players right in the heart of the game where they act as the counters moving up the ladders and down the snakes. There are also extra features such as forfeit squares.
The set contains the 10ft square vinyl board, dice and 8 pegs
Take on your family and friends with Limbo. Just loosen up and limbo down as low as you can go. Keep lowering the beam until only the most bendy person - the winner is left. Upright poles: 1.65m (5ft 6ins) high and cross beam 1.65m (5ft 6ins) long
Giant Ludo
Giant Ludo game. A colourful 10ft x 10ft vinyl mat complete with two dice together with 16 giant foam counters and 8 pegs.
Noughts and Crosses
A 3ft square board made of interlocking, heavy duty foam panels, with foam noughts and crosses. Great fun for all ages.
Giant Pick up Sticks
Great fun for the back garden or outdoor gatherings, here's the traditional 'Pick up Sticks' game in a giant size. Ideal at parties, hold the sticks up vertically and then jump clear as they tumble into a pile! Take turns to remove a stick - but delicately does it or you'll pay a forfeit...
Sittle Alley
As all age groups and abilities enjoy bowling, portable skittle alleys can be used by everyone, indoor or outdoor.. Mobile skittle alleys can be hired by schools, pubs, clubs, all types of sports clubs, individuals and church groups. . Our skittles hire service includes set up and collection of the skittlealley
Hook A Duck
One of the all time favourite fun fair stalls, just 'Hook A Duck' and see what you have won on this classic fairground game. This game will be loved by the little ones, as there is a prize-a-time so no tears for the losers! All they have to do is hook a duck with one of the fishing rods, turn it over and see if they have a winning number.
To play Tug-o-War a field is laid out. Two parallel lines are painted about 20 feet apart on the grass or drawn in the dirt. The rope is laid perpendicular to these lines. A cloth flag is tied to the middle of the rope. Two teams of relatively equal weight are chosen. They are required to position themselves along the rope on either side of one of the lines leaving the center area (or no man's land) empty. The referee holds onto the rope at the point of the flag as the rope is gradually made taught. He makes certain the flag is positioned precisely mid-way between the two lines. On his own command, he releases the flag and shouts, "Go!".
Both teams then pull on their end of the rope. The object is to pull the flag over the team's goal line
Splat The Rat
This game requires 2 people. The object of the game is to try and splat the rat just as it comes out of the bottom of the pipe. The 'Splatter' should stand poised ready to strike the rat. The other person is to release the rat from the top of the pipe. It takes great judgment and skill to catch the rat!

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